Now You Can Cast Google Meet and Google Duo on Bigger Screen

Now You Can Cast Google Meet and Google Duo on Bigger Screen
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With the help of Google‘s Chromecast, now you can turn any room in your house to your own personal conference room, taking advantage of your TV or a Smart Display. If you want to step away from the notifications on your laptop or phone to be more present in a meeting or you’re on mute in a larger meeting and want to concentrate on your task at hand, then casting to your TV might help you to more productive and stay focused.

Meet and Cast can also pair up to simplify distance learning. Where students can view their classmates and lesson plans on the big screen while working from their laptops, and teachers can get a broader view of their students on a call.

To get started with Cast, you’ll need to have a Google account, and the latest version of Chrome installed and ensure that your Chromecast device has the latest firmware installed. Google Cast functionality is available for all Meet users, and casting works on Chromecast, TVs with built-in Chromecasts, and Nest displays.

In the upcoming weeks, Google Duo is rolling out a Beta version on Android TV, where you can initiate one-on-one and group calls from your TV, and if your TV doesn’t have a camera built-in, then you can use a USB camera.

Also, Duo and Meet work seamlessly with Nest Hub Max. You can simply say “Hey Google, join my next meeting” or “Hey Google, start a group call” and jump right into the video hands-free, staying productive from a separate device on your desk.

With the Acer Chromebase and ASUS Remote Meet Kit from Google Meet hardware, you can elevate your work-from-home space into a dedicated home office. Google Meet hardware syncs automatically with Google Calendar so you can join meetings with a single touch, and is built on Chrome OS which brings over-the-air updates, peripheral support, and advanced management capabilities. This frees up your laptop for more immersive meetings.

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Now You Can Cast Google Meet and Google Duo on Bigger Screen