Oculus Will Roll Out Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing In Next Month

In the next month, Oculus will be rolling out Multi-User accounts and App Sharing. This will allow the primary account holder to add multiple accounts to log into a single VR headset, and App Sharing allows share the apps they purchase with these secondary accounts, the game progress, and achievements will be personalized and saved separately to each account.

Oculus currently testing these features on Quest 2, and then it will be rolling out to all Quest users. The primary account holder could add up to three secondary accounts and enable App Sharing on a single device. Oculus also working on increasing the number of households to have multiple Quest devices, so the App Sharing feature will expand to allow a primary account holder to share their purchases across the three devices.

“If you have an app in the Oculus Quest store today, your app will automatically be opted into the App Sharing feature starting February 13, 2021. If your app is required to opt-out for contractual or other reasons, you will need to disable App Sharing by February 12, 2021, by visiting your Org Manager page here. Select the app you want to opt-out, navigate to the “Settings” tab, and choose “App Sharing.” Existing Rift, Go, and Gear apps are not affected by this new policy.” says Oculus. “Starting February 13, 2021, all new Rift or Quest apps submitted to the Oculus platform will need to support App Sharing as further described in our updated App Policies.”

Some additional protections you should need to consider:

  • To use Multi-User and App Sharing, the primary account holder and the secondary accounts must each log in to the shared device using their own Facebook accounts.
  • Secondary account holders can only launch the primary owner’s eligible shared app entitlements on the shared device. If the secondary account holder purchases their own device or already has their own device, they won’t be able to access the primary owner’s shared apps on their new headset.
  • Only the secondary accounts on the shared device may use the primary user’s app entitlements, including certain in-app purchases or DLC if permitted.
  • Secondary account holders may purchase their own apps and content on the shared device, but cannot share these apps with the primary account holder or other secondary accounts.
  • An Oculus user who enables App Sharing can log in to multiple devices simultaneously but cannot run the same app with their account on more than one device at a time. Different accounts can run the shared app simultaneously, subject to the device limitation mentioned above.
  • The primary user cannot be changed without a factory reset. A primary user can add secondary accounts, but secondary accounts cannot add other accounts.

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Oculus Will Roll Out Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing In Next MonthOculus Will Roll Out Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing In Next Month