Pinterest Widget for iOS 14 Now Available

Since the Apple launch of iOS 14, you can customize your home screen in many ways with help of new widgets, now Pinterest widget for iOS 14 now available that means you can now pin your favorite Pinterest board or you can feature someone’s board directly on your iPhone home screen, so can access it quickly. The Pinterest widget for iOS 14 users now available to all Pinners around the world, you just need to update your Pinterest app from App Store, whether you’re a new or existing user.

To add a Pinterest widget on your iPhone home screen, simply just hold an area on your home screen and tap the “+” sign in the upper-right corner to choose from widgets. Then look for the Pinterest widget or you can search it, once you find the Pinterest widget, then select widget size and add it to your iPhone home screen.

Pinterest Widget for iOS 14 Now Available
(Credit: Pinterest)

To add a Pinterest board or one you follow to your newly created Pinterest widget, again hold an area and tap on the newly created Pinterest widget to edit it, then select your favorite board or someone’s board, and select the time range on the widget to change it hourly or daily basis (this will depend on the Pinner’s preferences). It also had an option to add a small or large-sized widget, by tapping the widget it will redirect to that Pin in the Pinterest app. Also, you can move the Pinterest widget to anywhere on the iPhone home screen, just hold the widget and place it in the best place.

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