Samsung Unveiled Project NEON at CES 2020

Samsung Unveiled Project NEON at CES 2020
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Project NEON is the first Artificial Human, revealed in Las Vegas at the CES 2020. NEON is not an Assistant to the AI. Project NEON is more like us, an autonomous but virtual being, able to express emotions and learn from experience.

As AI assistants, NEON doesn’t know anything, so it isn’t an internet app to ask for weather forecasts or play music.

NEON is more like our mates and partners, sharing your experiences and making memories with you. Project Neon, the first involving STAR Labs which is Samsung’s independent future plant, was built computationally to look and behave like a real human being. They are able to display feelings, communication, and sensitive responses. And don’t call it ‘Hey Neon,’ ‘Ok Neon,’ just like us, they have a name.

Project NEON will be our friends, partners, and companions, constantly learning, developing, and creating memories from their experiences, says STAR Labs CEO Pranav Mistry. The firm says that each NEON is powered by a proprietary platform called CORE R3 (stands for Reality, Realtime and Responsive). They insist that CORE R3 leapfrogs inside the realms of Behavioral Neural Networks, Evolutionary Generative Intelligence, and Computational Fact. The inspirations come from nature’s nuances and there’s thorough training on how people look, behave, and communicate.

The CORE R3 is used to construct lifelike reality on a computational basis, which in this case is the artificial human NEON. CORE R3 allows NEON to react and respond in real-time with the low latency of less than a few microseconds. It can be a virtual being generated that looks and behaves like a real human being, with the ability to express emotions and intellect. It looks very visually 100 percent. It’s a really basic program so eg we can speak to it. Friend or true guy. This can also speak in any language like Hindi. We will communicate with us and learn more about us, and develop new abilities.

For privacy, STAR Labs ensures all human-to-NEON communications and messages should remain confidential and only the owner should have access to those interactions. They also state a NEON would never exchange data about any user without expressly requesting permission.

Although the organization has announced Project NEON at CES 2020, its test launch is planned with selected partners in many countries around the world later this year.


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