Spotify 2021 Wrapped Tips and Tricks

Every December, Spotify has to share your yearly Wrapped, in shorts most listened to music and podcasts you have streamed that year, and this will become more and more popular every year. Two days ago Spotify has share four tips and tricks on how to use features in Spotify 2021 Wrapped.

Spotify 2021 Wrapped Tips and Tricks

1. Remove the audio you fall asleep to with private listening mode

“If you’re streaming a lot of music or sounds to help you sleep, it may not be the most accurate representation of your listening habits. So go “incognito” with Spotify’s Private Listening mode. Private Sessions allow you to enjoy whatever it is you’re listening to discreetly—meaning it won’t show up in your Friend Activity. It also won’t influence your personalized music recommendations, like Discover Weekly or Release Radar, or be counted toward your Wrapped roundup.”

“Simply turn on private listening mode on your mobile device by tapping “Home,” and then heading to “Settings.” From there, under “Social,” switch on “Private Session.” To end the Private Session, simply repeat the steps.”

2. Give your children their own musical experience—and preserve your own—with Spotify Kids

“If your top song slots in Wrapped went to the latest Disney ballads and nursery rhymes, know that you’re not alone. Parents give up a lot for their kids, and a Wrapped experience exclusive to their listening habits is no exception. Luckily, thanks to the Spotify Kids app, which is exclusive to Spotify Premium Family plan subscribers, children can now enjoy listening to their favorite tunes via a playground of sound that’s separate from their parents’ listening experience.”

“The app is designed specifically for kids, and the content is handpicked by a team of editors. All you need to do is subscribe to the Premium Family plan and then Download the Spotify Kids app to give your kids a music experience of their very own (and reclaim your streaming stats). If your family is looking for songs to get groovin’ to, check out this roundup of the top songs played on Spotify Kids in 2020.”

3. Discover more artists, podcasts, and genres with audio for everyone and everything

“There’s a world of audio content on Spotify within your reach. So if you’re looking for something new, try the search bar on for size. You can browse playlists—whether Spotify created or user-generated—for any activity or mood. These custom creations might speak to you at the moment, as well as help you expand your musical repertoire.”

“In next year’s Wrapped, you might not only see a shift in your top artists but also in your genres, like exchanging “indie rock” and “pop” for the uniquely specific genres like “permanent wave” and “escape room.” Or, if you’re looking to explore a different type of audio, tap “Podcasts” to browse shows by genre (like true crime or sports), by podcast playlists, or even by podcast charts.”

4. Access Wrapped year-round

“Wrapped happens once a year—but it doesn’t disappear come January. Access your 2020 Wrapped year-round by heading to the “Search” section of the app and scrolling through “Browse all.” From there, you’ll be able to replay your 2020 Wrapped experience, as well as stream your personalized playlists, such as Your Top Songs 2020, Missed Hits, and On Record. Plus, keep scrolling to find the rest of the top tracks, artists, and podcasts of the year.”

Check out the Wrapped behind the scenes on Spotify: For the Record podcast.

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Spotify 2021 Wrapped Tips and Tricks