Stadia announced five new free games for Stadia Pro subscribers

Stadia has added five new free games in the Stadia Pro subscriber library, you need to claim them now because they will vanish after some time, so get them now. You might know that every game you claim on Stadia Pro is yours as long as you maintain your subscription. Here are five games that Stadia has to announce for Stadia Pro members.

  1. F1 2020 – The excitement of Formula 1 racing arrives on Stadia Pro, with deep options for customizing your team and career to create your racing legacy.
  2. Hotline Miami – The blindingly fast and visceral top-down shooting classic is now free with Stadia Pro.
  3. Figment – Music meets musings in this beautiful adventure into imagination.
  4. Ary and the Secret of Seasons – Magic, monsters, a mystic quest, and a kingdom to explore.
  5. El Hijo – A Wild West Tale – A stealth game with a focus on puzzle-solving.

(Reminder: Maybe you know that Stadia currently not available in India, you check out the Stadia availability in your country from here.)

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