Top 6 Useful Features on Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra

The powerful Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra with meaningful innovations that help people connect, create, and communicate, so they can easily work, play, and stay in touch with family and friends from anywhere in the world.

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6 Hidden Features in Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra

Check out these top six Samsung Galaxy Note20 series features that can help optimize your productivity and keep you working efficiently, even when remotely.

The redefined Samsung Notes app allows you to take note, editing, and management easier than ever before, which gives you more options to optimize your remote working or studying. In the Samsung Notes app, you can now directly import your PDF lecture materials into Notes and annotate them freely with your S Pen for a more cohesive learning experience. Let’s say for those who are taking notes during a longer class, lecture, or presentation, the new Audio Bookmark feature in Notes app helps users attach and time sync voice recordings to their text. When reviewing back your Notes, just tap on the word you wrote and it will playback the audio time synced to it.

Want to work and play seamlessly across different devices, the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra come with several features to provide you with effective mobility and flexibility. The revamped Link to Windows and integrated Your Phone app from Microsoft gives you full access to all your apps and files on your PC through screen mirroring. That means you can manage any notification and documents whether you are on your phone or PC. Users can also run up to six apps simultaneously through Link to Windows, along with a more enhanced multi-window experience.

By using Samsung DeX’s advanced capabilities, users will be able to connect their Galaxy Note2 series device to their Smart TV, so users can enjoy the bigger-screen experience for all their multimedia and entertainment needs.

The Samsung Health app on Galaxy Watch3 provides a range of leading health measurement capabilities, all accessible straight from your wrist or your Galaxy Note20’ screen. You can relax after a long day or taking a break between remote meetings, you can also check in with your health or your step count quickly and easily. Health app also provides over 120 different home training programs and dedicated tracking features so that you can enjoy personal training right from the comfort of your home, by using wearable direct integration with your Galaxy Note20 series and Samsung account. Galaxy Watch3 lets you control your favorite workout music and more straight from your wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live also part of this feature, that comes with advanced sound technologies to help you get the most out of your connected device experience while looking to stay productive that means you will never again miss a beat, whether you follow an online class or just listen to your favorite music playlist. Galaxy Buds Live features a 12mm driver and sound by AKG that help you enjoy a clear audio quality. On the other hand, Galaxy Buds Live has three microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit that isolates the sound of your voice and reduces background noise.

Using Galaxy Note20 series, you can take advantage of the unprecedented creative control of the device’s Pro Video Mode. Pro Video Mode in Galaxy Note20 lets you capture cinematic grade 8K videos with a 21:1 aspect ratio, which means you can create, stream, and share without limitations.

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