TorGuard Released New UI Design to Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Recently, TorGuard has updated its new UI design for the iOS app, now TorGuard also updates its new UI design for the Chrome and Firefox extensions which will be set to roll out in the coming weeks. The new TorGuard app interface will available across devices including, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. TorGuard also updates some of its following key features:

  • TorGuard upgrade to Wireguard API to remove the expiry limit on Wireguard configs for third-party clients like routers.
  • Upgrading all popular VPN locations to 10G connectivity.
  • Implement a Killswitch on iOS.
  • Implement split tunneling on iOS.

They’re also a new iOS VPN Connect widget and Apple Watch app that will look like this:

TorGuard Released New UI Design to Chrome and Firefox Extensions

TorGuard also fixed the TorGuard tray icon from disappearing in some scenarios on Windows, macOS, and Linux. They also fixed reconnect issue with OpenConnect when the VPN tunnel connects after hibernation or sleep mode and fixes the missing settings icon on select Android TV boxes.

TorGuard also added new Add-ons in addition to dedicated IP services called “Dedicated VPN Instance” in select locations only for business and consumer VPN plans, the new dedicated VPN instance comes with an exclusive dedicated IP and firewall along with unlimited bandwidth on your very own dedicated line.

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