Twitter rolls out Carousel ads features for advertisers

Twitter releases new Carousel ads feature for advertisers around the world. This means it will help advertisers or businesses on Twitter to run an advertising campaign to effectively reach their goals to their audiences, eg. driving people to the website, selling products, or download mobile apps.

Carousel ads are designed to help drive better results by providing consumers with a more engaging and interactive experience to engage with as well as allowing future opportunities within our performance targets of the Mobile App and Website, the format of carousel ads now open to all advertisers worldwide.

Two to six horizontally swipeable images or videos are made up of carousel advertisements that push people to an app or website or sell a product. Via Tweet Composer in Ads Manager or via the Ads API, any advertiser can generate Carousel ads and can use them either organically or promoted. An edge-to-edge interface, 3rd party measurement reporting, usability support, and new reporting features are also included in the Carousel ad format, such as swipes inside the Carousel and breakdowns to assess individual Carousel card output.

So let’s take a look at new Carousel ads on Twitter, how it looks like:

(Credit: Twitter)

According to a Twitter report during Beta testing, a nearly 15 percent increase in click-through rate relative to single-asset formats for Website Carousels, and nearly a 24 percent increase in app install per impression for app Carousels.

So, how to create carousel ads in Twitter ads manager?

First, you must follow Twitter’s creative specification guidelines. Then go to your Twitter ads manager or type in your browser, then click on the Creatives then select Tweet composer, then follow these video guidelines down below:

Source: Twitter Business

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