Upcoming Indie Games Coming to PlayStation

Upcoming Indie Games Coming to PlayStation

PlayStation shares some details about its upcoming indie games list, see a few of them listed down below:

Kena: Bridge of Spirits (March 2021)

Kena, the Spirit Guide players control, wields a staff that can magically work as a bow — and it feels fantastic with the DualSense controller’s haptics and adaptive triggers. As you wear down enemies, the Rot will join you, enhancing your abilities and helping you bring life back to your village. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is scheduled to release in March 2021.

Nour: Play With Your Food (TBD)

This open-ended experience lets you explore the aesthetics of food while a reactive soundtrack sets the mood.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (2021)

Ray tracing technology makes Security Breach shine, drawing you further and further into this restaurant of monstrous robots waiting to jump out at you from the shadows.

Oddworld: Soulstorm (Spring 2021)

Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey launched on PlayStation in 1997 with groundbreaking high-end pre-rendered CG, and it was a pioneer in mixing a mature narrative with comedy in video games. With its foundation as a 2D action platformer, the “game speak” mechanic introduced an innovative way to communicate with AI characters in nonviolent ways.

Soulstorm continues the saga as the 2nd chapter of the Oddworld Quintology. Its “2.9D” level design allows players to explore beautiful, expansive 3D worlds in a linear fashion for tried and true 2D action gameplay. With up to 1,300 rescuable followers — more than 20 of which can follow Abe at a time — plus an engaging crafting system, you can approach the game’s puzzles in your own ways.

Temtem (Early Access available on PS5)

Explore islands while finding and collecting Temtems, train them to defeat the evil Clan Belsoto, and do it all while trekking across a world packed with other players. Team up to adventure together or battle each other to become the best Temtem tamer.

This vibrant adventure also provides plenty of ways to customize your character as you unlock new cosmetics to let your tamer’s personality shine.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is an award-winning RPG with a morally questionable protagonist, a mysterious world, and a bizarrely intriguing progression system. The Final Cut was announced for PlayStation at The Game Awards this month!

While solving a murder mystery as an amnesiac detective, developing your character’s skills in this RPG takes a strange twist as those same skills will try to influence the detective with internal dialogue. Disco Elysium will be coming with full voice-acting and other enhancements in March.

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Upcoming Indie Games Coming to PlayStation