Apple WWDC 2020: What You Expect


Every year Apple host World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC20) keynote and Apple will start WWDC20 keynote first time with the online event and talk about the future of iOS, iPad OS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Apple also renew the design of the Apple Developer App this year and you can watch entirely keynote with this app, it available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. The WWDC20 keynote start directly from Apple Park on 22 June means today with Indian standard time 10:30 PM, I’m so excited.

Every year Apple WWDC brings all engineers, designers, students, and people who create the best software with the Apple platform with the latest technology and frameworks. This year Apple has also launched a brand new Developer Forum to chat with the community, or ask questions.

Watch the Livestream here:

What you Expect from WWDC20

Everything we expect to see at Apple keynote for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and more. Start off with iOS 14 it’s always the biggest of the bunch iOS 14 at least months ago so people been really able to pick it apart it won’t change drastically and will keep most of its design aspects. The new homepage screen will let you see all your apps in a list view that you can scroll through with different sorting options it will likely be similar to what’s on the Apple watch but now for the iPhone.

Apple is also working on the home screen of widgets they wouldn’t be pinned to the screen like iPad OS 13 has but you will be able to move them around like apps or somewhat some similar to like a platform that’s had them for ages called Android finally get them in iOS 14. Now wallpapers will be separated by different collections based on their style with categories like classic stripes flowers or earth and moon.

It will also be the first time you can set a wallpaper for your car play background the biggest car feature though has to be the car key API that Apple has been working on since iOS 13. iOS 14 should finally bring us the ability to unlock or lock your car and even start it to the engine with your iPhone or Apple watch if it’s compatible many car manufacturers haven’t been able to have iOS integration.

Also, Apple Maps will get more detailed now the timing may not be the best since things are really a long way away from getting back to normal but Apple stores will show more details like hardware repair availability appointments in the future. With iOS 14 an entirely new augmented reality app that’s internally called the Gobi. it’ll give users more information about what they can see around them through their phone.

The Home kit will get a cool new feature in iOS 14 called Nightshift to light and it will give the ability to change the color temperature of compatible smart lights based on the time of day. Safari is also expected to get a built-in translator to directly translate webpages about a third-party app there’s gonna be a lot more helpful than people think especially when you need it on the spot.

Apple is testing and could be used to restore an iOS device directly over the air without needing to rely on a computer you could even connect it to another iPhone or iPad similar to Apple’s migration tool on the Mac.

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