WhatsApp Launches Search the Web For iOS, Android and Web In 7 Countries


WhatsApp introduced a new feature that would enable users to verify the authenticity of a post or a post containing a web link by searching for it on the internet. WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature currently in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the US for those on the latest versions of WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp will now show a search button on the right side in chats. Just click on this search button, and WhatsApp will redirect them to the web where they can check the authorized source if the message is correct. WhatsApp also says that this feature works by allowing users to upload the message via their browser without WhatsApp ever seeing the message itself.

WhatsApp introduced doubled arrows in its chats as a mark to enable users to distinguish between messages coming from a close contact from the forwarded ones. “When a message is forwarded through a chain of five or more chats, meaning it’s at least five forwards away from its original sender, the message is labeled with a double arrow icon. These messages can only be forwarded to one chat at a time, as a way to help keep conversations on WhatsApp intimate and personal. This also helps slow down the spread of rumors, viral messages, and fake news.

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WhatsApp Launches Search the Web For iOS, Android and Web In 7 Countries