WhatsApp Rollout Dark Mode for Desktop, New Animated Stickers, QR Code for adding New Contact

WhatsApp announced new several features including WhatsApp Dark mode for web and Desktop, new animated stickers, and new contact adding feature via QR Code.

Most of the people wanted WhatsApp for Desktop Dark mode for Desktop and Web version of WhatsApp, now the wait time is over. WhatsApp officially rollout Dark mode for Desktop and WhatsApp Web, the long-awaited feature finally releases. Earlier this year WhatsApp announce Dark mode for Android and iOS devices, and Dark mode for Web version is awesome. To access the Web version of WhatsApp is here or just type web.whatsapp.com, and you can download WhatsApp Desktop App here.

How to enable Dark mode for WhatsApp Web?

Click on the three dot hamburger icon and then select settings, click on the Theme menu and select dark.

There’s also a new Animated sticker tab for WhatsApp. Users can forward these animated stickers to other contacts just like they forward messages. The new feature for adding contacts via QR Code scan without asking for a phone number. With this feature, it saves lots of time by typing contact details every time. It is a very simple way to add a new contact to your contact list by just scanning their QR code.

WhatsApp also improved video call service to maximize a particular contact video to full screen. Earlier WhatsApp updates will now allow chat with up to eight people on a video call. There’s also a solution for whose facing Disappearing status on WhatsApp stories for KaiOS.

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