Why Google Plus has Been Failed? and How?

Google Plus

Why could the social media product of Google, the world’s most successful search engine and the most successful mobile operating system, could not run Google Plus?

The first name comes to the attention of Facebook after the name of the social media platform. A few years ago, Orkut used to get attention. After Facebook, people get the attention of WhatsApp. A large number of people also use Instagram. But Google Plus, the social media product of Google, the world’s most successful search engine, the most popular email service, and the most successful mobile operating system, is not noticed. At least Google Plus does not figure in the top three. Most experts believe that this product has failed. Many experts also raise the question of what Google was thinking after it was launched. And if launched, why didn’t he do anything to make it successful.

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On one side is Google, whose number of users has reached one billion. On the other side is Google, whose number of users of Gmail, YouTube, and Android is also very large. After this Google launched Google Plus.

Four years ago, Google entered social media. But in four years thereafter, the company could not climb it up the ladder of popularity. After Gmail, YouTube, Android, and Google search engines, why did the company launch Google Plus and try to launch microblogging service Buzz like Twitter? No one has a definite answer to this. But experts believe that it was necessary for the company not to run away from the competition of Facebook and Twitter. It is being told that he has tried to send a message to his users that he is in competition.

Apart from this, some more reasons are given for launching Google Plus as a side product. It is said that Facebook alone has an empire and hence it is also occupied by advertisements alone. To gain some of that, Google launched one of its products. Through this, he also gave a message to his investors that he can also run social media products. It also provided an alternative platform for some users who are unhappy with Facebook. But despite all this, it continued as a by-product.

There are several reasons why Google’s social media product could not succeed. The first reason is that you need a large number of users to run a social media network. This is not possible without them. Despite trying for four years, Google Plus has not been able to create a user base for itself.

The second reason is that the company has not taken many initiatives to make it user friendly. Go to its interface. Only you will know that it is very difficult to work on it. A lot of profiles will still be found on its site. But nothing is going to be made out of their number because most of them are not active on this site. They have ever opened their account, but they do not use it. Therefore, it is difficult to move forward.

At the same time when it was launched, there was a lot of criticism about its interface and security system. The company did not try to fix it. It was introduced as an alternative to Facebook, but the company did not add a feature that is not already on Facebook. After launch, the company relaunched it twice. He added some features and also tried to associate it with his other products. He turned off many features for those using YouTube. These features could be used by people who have an account with Google Plus. That is, the company tried to increase its user base in some way but there was no success.

So now most of the knowledge lists are thinking that Google Plus, made like Facebook’s option, will finally get the speed of MySpace.

It is not that Google Plus is the first product to fail. Even before this, half a dozen products of the company have failed. Google launched Google Lively in 2008. It was a virtual environment giving products in which people of a group could talk among themselves. But after a few months, the company had to shut it down. In 2000, a service called Dodgeball was launched, which was bought by Google in 2005. It was a location-based social network. This text was similar to the adopted Foursquare service. But it’s beginners left the company in 2007. In 2009, Google launched it under the name of Google Latitude, but finally, in 2013 the company also discontinued it.

Google also started a service called Google Web. However, its users did not understand what the company had launched it for. But Google anticipated that email could be replaced via the web. But nothing gained from this and the company finally pulled out of this operation in 2010.

In February 2010, all the users of Gmail showed a shocking development. A Google Buzz link was associated with his account. Google Buzz was introduced by the company as a wall-like Facebook or Twitter, where users could share photos, status, messages, etc. But it was rejected by almost all Gmail users. Even after that, the company kept trying for a short time but it was closed after a year and a half.

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