We are looking for Tech writers, and here are a few guidelines for writing articles posting on our website, or you can also be called this guest post.

We accept your well written post anytime, if you meet our criteria below.

You are free to writing anything related/interested or even passionate (about Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Pixel devices, App reviews, Accessory review, How-to guides or tutorials, Technology news, What is…, Tips for…, Best of…, Benefits of…, How to use….), this type of article you can consider to write it. We are suggesting you let us know the subject, title, and topic of the article about writing, but you need to send us before so we can manually review and approved it, once it is approved your article now ready to publish on our website.

Before you write anything, make sure you’re must fit our criteria, just follow these guidelines.


  • Your post must be well-written, and you must know the basics of search engine knowledge, or you can do some SEO practices before you jump into writing posts/articles.
  • Your content must be written in at least 600+ words, but you can write it short it depends on topics or subjects.
  • Before you write down anything, please send us some examples of writing skills or sample examples or you can share articles that you have written recently. (You can send sample links or recent articles that you wrote directly in the below form)
  • Your post must be original and have never been published before on any other website, if we found your article on another website, we remove your post as soon as possible.
  • You must agree to not publish that article or post it anywhere else on the web before you write about it.
  • You are free to add your website or blog link to the article or you can include it at the bottom of the article.
  • You must be passionate about the tech industry.
  • You should have very good writing skills, so people can understand are you’re saying in the article.
  • Your content must be written in the English language, and readable to the audience.
  • We recommend using the AI-powered writing assistant “Grammarly” for writing skills, it will help you to find some grammar mistakes, as well as correct your sentence, or you can use ProWritingAid for smart writing, grammar checking.

Approval status

You don’t need to write anything until you get approval, just wait for our response, don’t worry we’ll get in touch soon.

When you get the approval, it’s time to write your article or post, and make sure you must follow the guidelines that we mention above. And make sure your content must be meet all requirements before you send it to us. Be patient.

If you have questions or any queries, then we’re welcome to you, please let us know your queries at the address down below.

Please fill out the below form.