Xbox Announces the Xbox Family Settings App (Preview) to Managed Children Activity


Safety is a major priority on Xbox gaming platforms because of content filtering and managing who their children can play and communicate with. This app tool offers families to find the right balance of gaming in their lives. This Xbox Family Settings App (Preview) includes more than 20 customizable features to help parents set screen time limits, set content filters, and manage communication.

This allows parents the choice and flexibility to decide what settings are right for their children. And this app allows you to manage family settings from anywhere. Download on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But this app is now available for preview (Beta Version). This means you test this app by downloading before the release, it will release publicly later this year. You can learn more about Xbox Family Settings App.

The Xbox Family Settings App manages its children’s gaming on Xbox consoles through their mobile devices. It provides a simple and easy way to create child accounts and customize family settings on the Xbox console to ensure your kids have access to gaming that you feel is appropriate.

In this Xbox Family Settings App:

  • Screen time limits
  • Content filters
  • Play and communication settings
  • And Activity reports

Also, parents can respond to the notification in real-time, eg. parents can extend their time limit for the day.