Xbox update rollout with new Xbox UX and 3 new Profile Themes

The new Xbox update in October now brings a range of exciting updates to Xbox One consoles and Xbox Series X and Series S, which is releasing on November 10. After you update your Xbox with the October update you will see a brand new look and feral, also you can now customize your profile with a variety of themes from Xbox and Xbox Game Studios.

Now, all Xbox products across your devices including console, mobile, PC, can share the same visual style and design, making you feel more familiar and easier to use. All sections of the UX have been enhanced, from Home to Guide, My Games & Software, and even Settings. The latest design improvements include the shape of tiles, fonts, and the experience-wide concentration indicator. Much of the pages’ overall layout will not be radically different, meaning that the new UI stays familiar and simple to navigate.

The new update also added several Profile Themes including some game themes from Xbox Game Studios, and more will be coming, said Xbox. Also, the Profile Theme available in the Xbox app on PC and through Game Bar. Xbox added 3 new themes featuring the upcoming launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox update rollout with new Xbox UX and 3 new Profile Theme
(Image credit: Xbox)

New users to Xbox will be greeted by the most recently used list and it will be populated with frequently used apps like Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Store, and Settings. Quick Tips has been refreshed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and make it easy to find answers to commonly asked questions.

Xbox update rollout with new Xbox UX and 3 new Profile Theme
(Image credit: Xbox)

Support for four new languages is also included in the October update: Hungarian, Greek, Slovak and Czech, and you can select one of the new languages by going to Settings > System > Location > Language.

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