Your Smartphone Can Do This Unique Work

Your Smartphone Can Do This Unique Work

Your smartphone carries many features that you do not fully know nor are able to use them. These unique works are not only interesting but also useful. So know what unique work your smartphone can do.

TV Remote Checking

Often home remotes are not able to function properly. If you also want to know whether your TV’s remote is working properly, then you tap the remote to see them running from each angle, but an easy way to check that the remote still signals Sending or not. Just start your default camera app, turn the remote towards the lens of the smartphone. If the remote is working, then the remote light of the bulb will be visible to the remote only when you see the camera. Because your eyes cannot see the infrared light but the camera does see it.

Take pictures of sheet music and your phone will play them for you

With iSeeNotes – Sheet Music OCR you can click the picture of your sheet music and your phone will play it back for you. It reads many sounds, recognizes bass, and gives you amazing feedback on sheet music. Although it will not be long, it is still very useful. iSeeNotes app available on both Android and iOS platforms, you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Helpful in Accurate Shooting

You probably know but you can use your smartphone as a rifle site and make your target more precise and accurate. Whereas with the help of a device called Inteliscope, a thermal image of the victim can also be seen at night. You can download the Inteliscope app from the Google Play Store.